Want free products in the mail? All about freebies

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Product Reviews
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If you love free stuff like me then you should read this blog. This only applies for US resident. There is nothing better for free stuff right? Well I just started searching online where to get free sample products and came across with Slick Deals web site. I do find this web site is very useful to me, they have section for coupons, hot deals and freebie forum where I can get good stuff.


Before I do get some small time free product samples like shampoo, face wash soap, energy drink and such.. Also I do have Amazon account which I do love shopping there and when I do buy products there I usually leave a review based on my thought and experience with the product either good or bad. Well if you are living in US and have amazon account you better building up your review reputation and this will boost to be qualify on getting a good stuff. I know it is hard to get in to Amazon vine program however you can start reviewing products that you purchase on amazon and this will give you a good start like me. I subscribed to couple of companies that is giving away free products in exchange for honest and fair review for their products. The program is Genesis Product reviewer program. I have now a fair and good status on my Amazon account so I can get the good stuff which I post my reviews on my blog.

If you love reviewing products you better check out these sites below.

Elite Deal Club -Great one to join! They send out daily emails and there are many products available.
Etekcity -Apply and they will contact you via email if you are accepted to the Citizen Program from Etekcity then you get to pick which product you want to review.
Trust Review Network – Sign up and they will contact you via email when a new product is available to review.
Anker– Become a power user. They send free products if you are qualified.

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