[Upgraded Version] HooToo HT-IP211HDP Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt IP Camera Review

Posted: August 7, 2015 in babymonitor, Product Reviews
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This product review is for {Upgraded} HooToo HT-IP2HDP Pan/Tilt wired/wireless IP camera with IR cut.
There are lots of IP cam in the market now and really there are few manufacturers are making a good one’s. I do owned couple of IP Cams and got one of the Foscam and one generic pan/tilt IP cam which works fine but not a hi-resolution one. I am using these IP cams to monitor our house when I am at work because we had burglarized twice before. We moved to a better place now and still have cams set up. This Hootoo HT-IP2HDP is for additional camera only.

This came in a well secured package and first impression when I opened the box this IP cam must be a good quality cam.

It came with the ff:
1x HT-IP11HDCP IP Camera with Wifi Antenna built in
1x Power Adapter 120VAC
1x Mounting bracket with mounting screws
1x Short Ethernet cable for wired initial set up.
1x CD software and manuals
1x Quick set up guide

Hootoo IP camera

Hootoo IP camera

The Design and features:

The camera has two flavors one is Black and the other one is White. I got the black color.
This has black matte finish which Hootoo Logo or brand in front of the camera. The design is pretty much common now since there are lots of clones or copy model of it. This one looks high quality and well built. Of course this has pan and tilt function to cover a larger or wider area and can be controlled locally or remotely via web or mobile app (MyCam Pro). I do like the fact that this has no annoying power green LED in from of the camera . The other generic cam I have has it and I have to put a cover on it. I just want to keep the camera in low profile so this Hootoo did improved this second version.
IR-cut technology to make camera provide true high quality image at day and night. The function of IR-cut in security camera is fix the color distortion, and increase the bright light at night. This camera is similar or equivalent to my FI8910W IP cam which has great and has sharp image but this Hootoo is bit smaller. Hoot IP cam has a nice web interface which is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
This camera has a pretty much has same features with other IP camera such as email notification, motion detection, alarms, two way audio conferencing and also with built in SD card slot is a plus for storing picture snapshots or video clips when motion detection is enabled.
We all know or as you may know using web interface remote viewing requires an IP address and port number and most of ISP provider are using DHCP so the IP keeps changing once in while and if that changes then you will not be able to access your IP camera remotely. What I would suggest is to sign up for a free DNS service so in this way DNS will automatically update the IP address of your camera and instead of typing in the IP on the web browser you just have to type in your DNS address for example http://www.youname.Dyndns.org:80. Before I used to use the dyndns service but they are charging customers now so I moved to No-IP.com service now and this is free service but you would have to renew your subscription every month and this is not really an issue for me and very easy to renew just two clicks and your done.

There are two ways to connect to this IP cam. Using the MyCam mobile app which take approximately a minute to set up or the traditional way which is using the IPCSearch software utility which it came with that utility tool to find the camera on the network and you can pull the web interface and set it up manually and for more advanced configuration such as port forwarding and port triggering when you want to view the camera remotely. if you are a first timer I suggest to use the App which is much easier and straight forward.


Easy to set up
Has HD quality image compared to other generic IP cams
Has IR cut filter built in which provides more good quality image day & night and does not distorts the image.
Has built in SD card slot for local storage.
Has simple and easy to navigate web interface
Has great customer support

There is one thing I don’t like with this camera which is the power cord this has short power cable which upsets me. It could be more better if this has at least 10-15 ft power cord. If you will mount this to a ceiling longer power cord is needed instead of having an extension cable. My Foscam has longer power cable and the other cheap IP cam but I was surprised that this Hootoo did not come with a longer cord. Other than that it was perfect!


I like this camera the hardware is great and very well made except for the short power cord thing. Having a pan and tilt function is very useful to cover wider area and IR cut filter is definitely works great and for the price you are paying for this camera is definitely worth it. I do found this camera great for baby monitoring, watching home and business, watching your garage. If you are looking for a budget and value IP cam this camera is for you. I highly recommend it and great value for the price! I am rating this as 4 out of 5 because of that short power cable.

You can buy this for only $69.99 on Amazon.com free shipping.


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