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Posted: February 18, 2016 in Product Reviews
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I loved this SKEYE Nano drone with front built in camera. I am impressed how stable this drone is and the camera takes decent picture and video quality on a well lit area and doesn’t work well with low lighting condition which is totally acceptable for a little drone. Because it is stable this captures nice video and videos not shaky compared to other drones. This has smooth video capturing and also depends on how you fly this drone. Video format is .avi at 640×480 and resolution.

This came with USB charging cable, spare blades, 2GB micro SD memory card and USB memory card reader.
2 AA batteries are required for the remote control.

This drone came in small box and well package. When not in use this is great for display too. The drone itself is well made and durable. I crashed this couple of times and the blades are still intact as well the body. This drone can do acrobatic flips by pushing the navigation stick down and followed by pushing same stick either top,bottom, left or right depending which way you want to turn or flip. Flying this drone feels you like a pro.

This has 3 sensitivity mode High, Mid, and Low and this can be toggled by pressing the throttle stick which is the left stick. I suggest using low when capturing video for more stable and smooth aerial filming and High mode when doing acrobatics tricks.

There are mixed reviews about the flight time and charging time but this is based on my testing it takes 7-8 minutes to charge using my 2.4 amp external battery pack and fly time without using the camera takes about 3.5 minutes and using the camera and filming it takes 2 minutes even.
This has long range but I would not fly this too far since it is small you may not see it.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this little drone and I don’t mind the camera image or video quality since I am not using it anyway I just like to fly and do some flips trick. Maybe in future the manufacturer will improve the fly time for more fun and long time flying.

This is great for entertaining your self if you got bored. This is a bit pricey which is about $70 bucks at for this tiny drone but this has good quality and very stable and easy to fly.





  1. Zach Jensen says:

    Good review here. Any reason you choose this model over the others? Just seems like $70 could have get you a lot further in the small drones market. Or a comparable model could have been found for much less.

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    • matinikk says:

      Hi Zach, I have couple of drones and for the pico one this is the best one I’ve gotten so far. I have others which is less than 30 bucks which doesn’t perform or fly well. This skeye by TRNDLabs is proven and very stable and easy to handle. I know 70 bucks is too much right but if you do really want a quality one then I guess you will pay regardless of the price tag.


  2. Zach Jensen says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the info!

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