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Today is the best day to shop for techs and gadgets and take advantage of promo and big discounts.



I do like toys not that hahaha. For past time I do like playing to entertain and I got this self flying ball. It is basically like a helicopter but just a ball that keeps bouncing up and down and this has a air sensor sort like. This is a great toy for kids or if you want it yes you can play with it as well. Check it out it is cool!



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I got intrigue by this light up shoes and I never bought shoes online before due to different shoe sizing. At first I am reluctant ordering and seller is very patient assisting me on getting the right size for me so I ordered the 8.5 size and just hoping this would fit on me and when I got it I wear it and whala! fits perfect and I still have some room. This looks like size 9 for me but this is a perfect fit. So I guess if your shoe size is really 8.5 then order that size and for sure there is still some room for your feet and more comfortable.

The shoe is basically a generic no brand and doesn’t look a cheap shoes it is nicely made. It is comfortable and I wear it all day with no discomfort and looks good even with the lights off. When the lights ON then it is more appealing and noticeable and looks cool. I tried it at work and all people here are staring at my shoes and the only words they say is “Cool shoes Matt” I posted a video on my Instagram and Facebook and got lots of comments and compliments with it.

The only issues that I encounter is one of the pair micro USB charging port was smash and can’t charge it because the USB charging cable won’t get in. What I did was I tweak it using a pliers until I get the USB cable to plugged and good thing I fixed it. This would be the only problem you might encounter and saves me time on shipping it back for exchange.
The shoes has different colors to choose from just simple press the light switch button and this toggles to different light modes. It has flashing and pulsating light effects too.

This has pretty good battery which the batter last for almost a day of continuous lights ON but I’m not planning to have the lights on for longer than 4 hours since I will mainly use the shoe for parties and other friends or family gatherings as a show up shoes. This is also great shoes when attending concerts or my Las Vegas shoes.

You can view the Video Demo on my Youtube channel.

I got this from Amazon and here is the buy link in case someone is interested but there are lots of these on Amazon which has different prices.

Amazon buy link

Selfezy SELFIE STICK review

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I have tried and owned several selfie sticks and each of them has its own characteristics but one thing I’ve noticed is they do have pretty much the same or common design. This SelfEzy selfie stick really stands out with others with its very unique, innovative and ergonomic design. Looking at it this is well constructed and the tube was made of airplane grade aluminum that makes this lightweight. The handle is not just plain rounded but it has this curve shape which makes it very comfortable to handle. The issues on the other selfie stick does not have it on this SelfEzy stick this is very sturdy and pairing is smooth and flawless no password is required. This will never leave my backpack.

• Lightweight
• Sturdy & durable
• Ezy pairing
• Comes with GoPro mount which is a plus
• The phone is much secured with its phone holder and has better grip on the phone.
• High quality selfie stick
• Awesome battery life and last quite a while on a single charge.
• Buttons are easy to press
• Compatible for most Selfie apps
• Selfie Ebook is very useful.

Just a tip when taking selfie just be yourself and confident and don’t forget to say Chiz!

I have no cons for this product.

All in all, I am having fun with this selfie stick and this is one of my favorite. With this I can make a good selfie shots at anytime and anywhere. Taking Selfie shots makes easy with this kind of tool. I suggest reading the free Selfie Ebook and this will give you some tips on how to get nice shots and what apps are recommended to use.

You can order this cool selfie stick # for $19.99 free shipping for Prime.



I have various devices such as Toshiba, Fujitsu, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and two Samsung Smartphones. This power bank were provided by RavPower for review.

Here’s how the review goes..

This came with excellent packaging and the battery is well secured.
It comes with laptop charging connectors which you can see on the product description above.

Package includes:

Power bank (model RP-PB14)
4 phone connectors
1 USB charging cable
1 DC charging cable
10 Laptop connectors
Power Adapter
Power Bank accessory bag

This bag is good to carry these connectors and charging cables.

Operation and Specs:

Easy to use just plug and play device. I used this to charge all the devices I have mentioned above. I charged my fully drained laptop battery and it takes sometime to fully charge it. It’s good enough if you are in the middle of no where at least you can still use and charge the laptop using this power bank.
AS what the other reviewer said when holding this power bank feels solid and well built. One thing that I like with this power bank is the sleek design and made of high quality reliable lithium-ion polymer battery cells and ultra-high 23000mAh capacity charges. This charger is good for extended time of travel and without worrying your devices would die on you.
This power bank has built in LCD display for the battery, charging status and voltage selection. This is very convenient to see the status of your battery level.

The output is selectable 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V (4.5A max) and you have to set it to appropriate voltage of the device you are charging and to select voltage you basically press and hold the power button until you see the “V” sign to flash then you press it again and this will toggle through the voltage selection.
It has two USB output.
USB 1 (5V/ 1A max) – Use this for charging smartphones.
USB 2 (5V/ 2.5A max) – Use this for charging tablets.
This has short circuit protection, this device will automatically shutdown to avoid destroying the device. It can charges 2 devices simultaneously without affecting the battery performance.


This power bank is very impressive, it works as advertised. The package is excellent and comes with everything you need for on the go and very handy. Well built and reliable and has competitive price compared to some other power banks. This battery has weight so if you are a road warrior definitely I would recommend this battery pack and you don’t have to worry about your devices would die on you. This battery pack is a beast.

Hope this helps your purchasing decision.

This is $99.99 at free shipping.

Rembrandt Lighting

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Starting to learn Rembrandt Lighting in my photography class. The model is my classmate and her name is Luisa. I would say not too bad for beginner.


Camera Model: Cannon EOS REBEL T3i

Lens: 18-55mm F3.5/ -5.6 IS II

F 5.6 1/4000 sec

ISO 3200

NASA is conducting experiments on some cameras to use with future missions and the cool thing is this is accessible to the public for viewing. You can see stunning view of Earth from International space station including the internal views.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS was activated April 30, 2014. It is mounted on the External Payload Facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. This experiment includes several commercial HD video cameras aimed at the earth which are enclosed in a pressurized and temperature controlled housing. Video from these cameras is transmitted back to earth and also streamed live on this channel. While the experiment is operational, views will typically sequence though the different cameras. Between camera switches, a gray and then black color slate will briefly appear. Since the ISS is in darkness during part of each orbit, the images will be dark at those times. During periods of loss of signal with the ground or when HDEV is not operating, a gray color slate or previously recorded video may be seen.
Analysis of this experiment will be conducted to assess the effects of the space environment on the equipment and video quality which may help decisions about cameras for future missions. High school students helped with the design of some of the HDEV components through the High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program. Student teams will also help operate the experiment. To learn more about the HDEV experiment, visit here:

This product were provided for review. I did not actually purchase the product but if I were to buy it definitely would. This is 3 in 1 charger and the price was just right.

This desktop charger has slick compact design and looks great for desktop charging and great travel charger too.


This came in a small box and well packaged.
It comes with AC power supply and 2 in 1 USB data sync and a charger cable and the base. User’ manual is not included however it is easy to set up.
This Desktop charger comes with 2nd battery slot for you to charge a spare battery for Samsung S5.
It is compatible with a slim design case by removing the plastic insert mount.

Built in surge and current protection for safe and reliable charging.
Non- Slippery base to secure the phone from falling.
A Charger and data transferring dock.
Simultaneously charge your phone and a spare battery which is a cool feature of this product.


There is tiny LED that will turn Blue if AC power supply is plug in to a wall power outlet.

When the phone is docked to the charger the phone LED will turn red and this means it’s charging.

When the phone is fully charged the phone LED indicator will becomes green.

On the back of the charging station there is a LED light indicates that battery is charging and the LED light becomes green when the battery is full of charge. it will flash red if the battery is not properly connected.

It has detachable case plate to fit your S5 with slim case.

It works perfect on my Samsung S5 and looks well built and never had any issues using it and works like a charm. I like the product and nothing much to say. It is slick compact design and would buy another one if needed and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a nice, multi-functional desktop charger for S5. The price is just right for the product.

With the spare battery that came with it fits perfect on my S5. It is easy to install and great as replacement and spare battery.

This battery has 1 year warranty and the company seems to have a good warranty policy. If you are looking for a replacement battery for your S5 this would be it. I definitely recommend this as replacement or spare battery.

As what other reviewer says this battery do not have NFC built in on the battery which I don’t use that as well.

For the price and value I would go with this battery.

Price 24.99 free shipping at