First off this M4 Wifi/Bluetooth speaker delivers exceptional sound quality, this speaker has deep bass when bass boost is enabled and you would think that you are listening to a big or a studio type speaker. This has balanced mid and high and works great for most Genre music.

Demo link

The speaker is well made and has nice retro look and the case is nicely wrapped with premium quality leather which has smooth feel to it and speakers are mounted on the case with speaker grill. It comes with speaker leather handle that has two holes for adjustment and it is very handy when carrying this speaker around. Top of the speaker has simple control buttons such as the Power ON/OFF, mode, Bass boost, Volume up and down. Toggling the Mode button switches between Bluetooth, AUX and Wifi mode and this speaker is very simple and easy to use.

Bluetooth pairing is easy and has good connection range up to 30 ft, the Wifi feature reminds me of Sonos speakers which you can link multiple M4 speakers and allows you to set it Left and Right speaker for stereo or surround sound which is definitely a cool feature. This feature can only be done through the companion App called “GGMM Music” this app is very simple and easy navigate. It also has DNLA support which you can play music via the app itself. The App is available for both iOS and Android device.

Playing my favorite music on this speaker is pleasing and it is loud with no distortion and this can fill a medium size room.
I have tested couple of speakers and on the $200 price range this is actually competes and in my opinion it is very reasonable considering the quality of drivers it has and all other features.

Overall, I love this speaker and it exceeds my expectations and I am very happy with this speaker. I don’t have to bring my 12” powered speaker on a small family gathering and this speaker would be enough and more convenient because of its portability and with its built in speaker you don’t need to be tethered to the power adapter/charger for at least 8 Hours. It also gives compliment to my vintage turntable and they are perfect match.
You won’t definitely go wrong with this speaker and if you are going to spend on a good speaker in this $200 price range then you may consider getting one. For collectors then I don’t think the price matters.

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My tiny little drone

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Youtube video link

I loved this SKEYE Nano drone with front built in camera. I am impressed how stable this drone is and the camera takes decent picture and video quality on a well lit area and doesn’t work well with low lighting condition which is totally acceptable for a little drone. Because it is stable this captures nice video and videos not shaky compared to other drones. This has smooth video capturing and also depends on how you fly this drone. Video format is .avi at 640×480 and resolution.

This came with USB charging cable, spare blades, 2GB micro SD memory card and USB memory card reader.
2 AA batteries are required for the remote control.

This drone came in small box and well package. When not in use this is great for display too. The drone itself is well made and durable. I crashed this couple of times and the blades are still intact as well the body. This drone can do acrobatic flips by pushing the navigation stick down and followed by pushing same stick either top,bottom, left or right depending which way you want to turn or flip. Flying this drone feels you like a pro.

This has 3 sensitivity mode High, Mid, and Low and this can be toggled by pressing the throttle stick which is the left stick. I suggest using low when capturing video for more stable and smooth aerial filming and High mode when doing acrobatics tricks.

There are mixed reviews about the flight time and charging time but this is based on my testing it takes 7-8 minutes to charge using my 2.4 amp external battery pack and fly time without using the camera takes about 3.5 minutes and using the camera and filming it takes 2 minutes even.
This has long range but I would not fly this too far since it is small you may not see it.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this little drone and I don’t mind the camera image or video quality since I am not using it anyway I just like to fly and do some flips trick. Maybe in future the manufacturer will improve the fly time for more fun and long time flying.

This is great for entertaining your self if you got bored. This is a bit pricey which is about $70 bucks at for this tiny drone but this has good quality and very stable and easy to fly.





This MoonCity Flappy Bird in a cage LED night light works great! I absolutely love it. It is well constructed, nice design and concept. When I first saw it Flappy bird games comes in to my mind and the bird looks like in the games and super cute. I choose blue because this suits to my personality.

This night light has sliding switch on the bottom which is for power ON and OFF and vibration mode. When setting it to Vibration mode it toggles the light modes from dim and bright and it is very sensitive for any vibration and will easily set off.

Video on my Youtube link

What I like about this flappy bird night light is the battery last quite a while and I am only using a dim mode since much brighter if it is on regular brightness. This has nice color blue glow in the dark which looks cool and awesome. The handle on top comes hand when you want to hang it and much looks better.

If you want to get one of this cutie bird in a cage you can get it for only $16 bucks at

Free shipping for Prime members.






Selfezy SELFIE STICK review

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I have tried and owned several selfie sticks and each of them has its own characteristics but one thing I’ve noticed is they do have pretty much the same or common design. This SelfEzy selfie stick really stands out with others with its very unique, innovative and ergonomic design. Looking at it this is well constructed and the tube was made of airplane grade aluminum that makes this lightweight. The handle is not just plain rounded but it has this curve shape which makes it very comfortable to handle. The issues on the other selfie stick does not have it on this SelfEzy stick this is very sturdy and pairing is smooth and flawless no password is required. This will never leave my backpack.

• Lightweight
• Sturdy & durable
• Ezy pairing
• Comes with GoPro mount which is a plus
• The phone is much secured with its phone holder and has better grip on the phone.
• High quality selfie stick
• Awesome battery life and last quite a while on a single charge.
• Buttons are easy to press
• Compatible for most Selfie apps
• Selfie Ebook is very useful.

Just a tip when taking selfie just be yourself and confident and don’t forget to say Chiz!

I have no cons for this product.

All in all, I am having fun with this selfie stick and this is one of my favorite. With this I can make a good selfie shots at anytime and anywhere. Taking Selfie shots makes easy with this kind of tool. I suggest reading the free Selfie Ebook and this will give you some tips on how to get nice shots and what apps are recommended to use.

You can order this cool selfie stick # for $19.99 free shipping for Prime.


This product review is for {Upgraded} HooToo HT-IP2HDP Pan/Tilt wired/wireless IP camera with IR cut.
There are lots of IP cam in the market now and really there are few manufacturers are making a good one’s. I do owned couple of IP Cams and got one of the Foscam and one generic pan/tilt IP cam which works fine but not a hi-resolution one. I am using these IP cams to monitor our house when I am at work because we had burglarized twice before. We moved to a better place now and still have cams set up. This Hootoo HT-IP2HDP is for additional camera only.

This came in a well secured package and first impression when I opened the box this IP cam must be a good quality cam.

It came with the ff:
1x HT-IP11HDCP IP Camera with Wifi Antenna built in
1x Power Adapter 120VAC
1x Mounting bracket with mounting screws
1x Short Ethernet cable for wired initial set up.
1x CD software and manuals
1x Quick set up guide

Hootoo IP camera

Hootoo IP camera

The Design and features:

The camera has two flavors one is Black and the other one is White. I got the black color.
This has black matte finish which Hootoo Logo or brand in front of the camera. The design is pretty much common now since there are lots of clones or copy model of it. This one looks high quality and well built. Of course this has pan and tilt function to cover a larger or wider area and can be controlled locally or remotely via web or mobile app (MyCam Pro). I do like the fact that this has no annoying power green LED in from of the camera . The other generic cam I have has it and I have to put a cover on it. I just want to keep the camera in low profile so this Hootoo did improved this second version.
IR-cut technology to make camera provide true high quality image at day and night. The function of IR-cut in security camera is fix the color distortion, and increase the bright light at night. This camera is similar or equivalent to my FI8910W IP cam which has great and has sharp image but this Hootoo is bit smaller. Hoot IP cam has a nice web interface which is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
This camera has a pretty much has same features with other IP camera such as email notification, motion detection, alarms, two way audio conferencing and also with built in SD card slot is a plus for storing picture snapshots or video clips when motion detection is enabled.
We all know or as you may know using web interface remote viewing requires an IP address and port number and most of ISP provider are using DHCP so the IP keeps changing once in while and if that changes then you will not be able to access your IP camera remotely. What I would suggest is to sign up for a free DNS service so in this way DNS will automatically update the IP address of your camera and instead of typing in the IP on the web browser you just have to type in your DNS address for example Before I used to use the dyndns service but they are charging customers now so I moved to service now and this is free service but you would have to renew your subscription every month and this is not really an issue for me and very easy to renew just two clicks and your done.

There are two ways to connect to this IP cam. Using the MyCam mobile app which take approximately a minute to set up or the traditional way which is using the IPCSearch software utility which it came with that utility tool to find the camera on the network and you can pull the web interface and set it up manually and for more advanced configuration such as port forwarding and port triggering when you want to view the camera remotely. if you are a first timer I suggest to use the App which is much easier and straight forward.


Easy to set up
Has HD quality image compared to other generic IP cams
Has IR cut filter built in which provides more good quality image day & night and does not distorts the image.
Has built in SD card slot for local storage.
Has simple and easy to navigate web interface
Has great customer support

There is one thing I don’t like with this camera which is the power cord this has short power cable which upsets me. It could be more better if this has at least 10-15 ft power cord. If you will mount this to a ceiling longer power cord is needed instead of having an extension cable. My Foscam has longer power cable and the other cheap IP cam but I was surprised that this Hootoo did not come with a longer cord. Other than that it was perfect!


I like this camera the hardware is great and very well made except for the short power cord thing. Having a pan and tilt function is very useful to cover wider area and IR cut filter is definitely works great and for the price you are paying for this camera is definitely worth it. I do found this camera great for baby monitoring, watching home and business, watching your garage. If you are looking for a budget and value IP cam this camera is for you. I highly recommend it and great value for the price! I am rating this as 4 out of 5 because of that short power cable.

You can buy this for only $69.99 on free shipping.


Turata Iphone 6 Plus Case

This is nice, beautiful and artistic fancy case for iPhone 6 plus. I was impressed the packaging and well presented and doesn’t look cheap case and in my point of view when I opened the box it looks elegant and looks like you purchased an expensive bag like coach it has that fabric pouch or cover as seen on my screen shot below. The company really spend money for this product packaging to ensure the quality product they are selling.

It fits perfectly on iPhone 6 plus and easy to put on just snaps in and you are all set. The cut out for buttons are perfectly aligned and matched so you have easy access to all buttons. This case is so thin and provides protection against scratches. It is important to protect our investments so it is recommended to get a case protector for your phones and you never know if you accidentally drop or may scratch your phone on everyday use. I like the diamond bling crystals on it and very feminine looks but not necessary tho because it will easily come off based on my testing with this case I just put in my pocket and when I took it out one of the bling crystal came out and I have to re glued it. I would say not ideal unless you take super care with your phone. I think without that bling bling is much better. Looks nice if they were attached but once you loose some then it will look good.

Package includes:
1x Turata case
1x Stylus
1x Eiffel tower Earphone connector cover

*Ultra thin case.
*Will protect the edges and back of iPhone 6+ against dirt and scratches.
*Easy access to all buttons.
*Nice design and the packaging is elegant and well presented
*It comes with stylus and fancy earphone connector cover.
*Reasonable price very competitive.

*The crystal diamonds come off easily.
*Since it was a thin case this will not provide protection for your screen the edge s leveled to the phone screen. If this has some indention to the screen then at least it will protect the screen from scratches you lay the phone to the table or any surface.


This is a nice very elegant design on the back of the case. The diamond crystals do come off fairly easily and the case is so thin and feather lightweight. This will only give a basic protection against from dirt and scratches but more likely for decorations only.
I am rating this as 4 out of 5 because of my complaint about the diamond crystals that comes off easily and other than that this is perfect and great for gifts for your love ones that has Ip6plus phones and no need to wrap it because this comes with elegant packaging as well. For the price and value and what comes with it definitely worth it.71QjydCJstL._SL1000_

You can buy this on for $7.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.


If you love free stuff like me then you should read this blog. This only applies for US resident. There is nothing better for free stuff right? Well I just started searching online where to get free sample products and came across with Slick Deals web site. I do find this web site is very useful to me, they have section for coupons, hot deals and freebie forum where I can get good stuff.


Before I do get some small time free product samples like shampoo, face wash soap, energy drink and such.. Also I do have Amazon account which I do love shopping there and when I do buy products there I usually leave a review based on my thought and experience with the product either good or bad. Well if you are living in US and have amazon account you better building up your review reputation and this will boost to be qualify on getting a good stuff. I know it is hard to get in to Amazon vine program however you can start reviewing products that you purchase on amazon and this will give you a good start like me. I subscribed to couple of companies that is giving away free products in exchange for honest and fair review for their products. The program is Genesis Product reviewer program. I have now a fair and good status on my Amazon account so I can get the good stuff which I post my reviews on my blog.

If you love reviewing products you better check out these sites below.

Elite Deal Club -Great one to join! They send out daily emails and there are many products available.
Etekcity -Apply and they will contact you via email if you are accepted to the Citizen Program from Etekcity then you get to pick which product you want to review.
Trust Review Network – Sign up and they will contact you via email when a new product is available to review.
Anker– Become a power user. They send free products if you are qualified.

618qUf8n+0L._SL1000_ 61WwFjvkq1L._SL1000_

Me and my wife was having a dry nose and sometimes nasal congestion and I had 2 humidifier at home and it uses traditional filters and spend more money on buying filters which eventually I gave up and no longer used them. I was offered this Cool mist humidifier by TaoTronics in exchange to my fair and honest review. When I received it and tested it and this changes everything. You can actually tell the difference using a regular humidifier and a mist humidifier not only you can see the mist but the effect of it.

This came on a great packaging and easy to unbox. It has two styro foam to support the top and bottom part of the humidifier. It came with double boxes secure the product from damaging on the shipping. Sun ValleyTek/Taotronics did a great job on this.

@What’s included in the box:
Humidifier consist of the water tank and the base.
1x small cleaning brush
User’s guide

@What I do like:

>The size is just right.
>Nice design and very easy to put on
>It has water level protection.
>Easy to maintain and no more buying of filters. You just need to clean the filter.
>Very quiet
>360 degree rotatable nozzle which is a space saver instead rotating the whole humidifier.
>The built in night light is very handy.
>Built in timer which comes handy since this Humidifier can only be use at max of 15 hours.
>3 level of mist adjustment(Low-Mid-High).

@I have nothing not to like.
Can’t ask for anything on this great and awesome mist humidifier.


This humidifier provides a good sleep to me and no more dry throat and nose when waking up.
With the 360 adjustable nozzle came very handy since I have this humidifier right next to bed and I can easily move the nozzle to a different position if I needed to. No cost maintenance just need to clean it and as well the filter. Easy to change settings with the touch of the buttons and display status of the current settings is a plus. Night mode or sleeping mode has nice blue LED lights that makes look cooler. Since the humidifier is right next to my bed and when I set the mist level to 3 I love when the mist lands to my face I feel refreshed and relaxed. This is very quiet and you will never know that it is working when turned ON.
I would definitely recommend this to every one and this is a must have humidifier. After so long of researching and shopping for new humidifier the search is over. I’m glad I got this humidifier and loved it!.

I hope this review helps you to decide to pull the trigger and get this very nice, efficient and convenient to use Cool mist Humidifier by TaoTronics.

Available at for $69.99 & FREE Shipping

Updated version

The Red

I took this shot and it was all coincidence the Fire truck and the backgrounds are RED.

51j8aioyh1L._SL1000_ 6137SKkxC8L._SL1000_

Have you gone into situation where you in the middle of nowhere and your cellphone battery is low and need to call somebody and call for emergency, well I did and you know the feeling and it is frustrating. But not anymore until this Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini came in to my life. This mini portable power bank will save my day and yours too! if you get this as your travel companion.

It’s amazing that this portable mini power bank will give your smartphone extra juice to keep going all day.
I have no issue with this power bank and it is easy to use “Hassle free”. It is a great portable charger for everyone and comes with different colors that suits your personality which is cool.

Now i don’t have to worry that my phone will die on me and now the power is on the palm of my hands. The power bank is so little but has enough power to charge my Epson PS-500 fitness watch, my Pebble smart watch and my Samsung S4. This is very reliable, durable and value. One more thing the company has a great customer service which is a very plus when purchasing a product.

To top it all overall I love this product because of portability, reliable, durable and it does the job.
I highly recommend of getting this Astro mini. It is a great and very useful device and will save your day like it saves mine. Great for travel and for daily charger on the go.

I am very satisfied with it and you will be as well.

MSRP 19.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35 at