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The Anker SoundBuds lite Bluetooth headset is a great work out headphone solution for me. I have used different kinds of Bluetooth headphones and this one is one of my favorite.

What I like about this headphones:

It is lightweight and with its neck band style it has sleek design and I can take it for a run and walk with no issues and very comfortable. This earphones back are magnetic which is a plus and when not in use they stick together and looks neat.

Easy to use, pairing is simple and easy and if you used any Bluetooth headphones then this would not be new.

Long life battery and battery last up to 12 hours in a single charged which is better than the other Bluetooth headphones that I owned.

Last but not least, this headphones delivers great sound quality and this is a high fidelity type of headphones which is good for different types of Genre and has some feel of bass too.


  • Comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Control music playback on your smartphone
  • Clear audio on voice calls
  • Water resistant
  • Intuitive


  • none

To top it all, Anker Soundbuds lite delivers great sound quality for its price. It is flexible, pretty well made headphones and it is water resistant. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor headphones and if you sweat no problem because this is water resistant. It is comfortable, lightweight and comes with spare earbuds to fit for most users. The price is reasonable and I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

You can buy this through and free shipping for Prime



One of the Best Bluetooth Speakers in the market for 2016!


Excellent sound quality and great price!

This Archeer 25 W Bluetooth speaker is solid speaker, for its size and how great sound quality it produced I am surprised and very impressed. This blows away my JBL charge when I play music this speaker sounds like I am listening to a big speaker and similar to a studio speaker sound quality. It has great subwoofer sound and I think because of its wooden enclosure and the quality of the speaker driver.  

I love the wooden looks and it is very appealing and classy. This speaker is super easy to use and no other fancy features. It has AUX audio input port for connecting to external media player. Pairing it with my phone is easy I just simply turned the speaker ON and went to my phone Bluetooth settings and it came up A320 and I just tap and connect to it.

The speaker has simple control buttons the volume, play/pause and power ON/OFF and the volume also controls the music playback on my phone which is convenient.

Overall, this speaker wins my heart and I am highly satisfied with the design, sound quality and ease of use. I am not audiophile type person but I can tell you that this sound quality is excellent and definitely worth the money and you don’t have to look elsewhere. I highly recommend it!

Price tag $89.99 @ Amazon FS for Prime




71-o4dEDHoL._SL1001_.jpgThis wireless mini projection VR Bluetooth laser keyboard is the coolest gadget I’ve ever owned. This works with my Mac, iPhone, Ipad mini and Android tablet and pairing is easy and simple. Just open the Bluetooth connection on the device and Turned ON the Laser keyboard and this will automatically in pairing mode just look for “Laser Keyboard” on the Bluetooth list and connect to it and once it is connected the Blue LED light will stop flashing.
The sound on this keyboard is loud by default however I do found that this keyboard settings such as laser brightness, stroke sound volume can be customize.

This keyboard is small and lightweight and you only need a surface to project and you have a virtual keyboard and it does work well on a dark or not so much ambient light. The Keyboard will auto dim when not in use and pressing any key will go back to full brightness.

I do find sometimes the key does not respond to my command and I have to keep trying for it to recognize my finger.

This is not a typical keyboard so sometimes hitting keys will not respond to the key you pressed so definitely you cannot use this for fast typing.
It works as advertised and it is cool but the question is do you really need this the of keyboard? For people like me who is techie or who loves gadget then this is a must have gadget and definitely you will look cool when using this keyboard however for people who needs portable keyboard to use for work and need to get the job done fast then this is not the right keyboard for you.
Overall, this is a cool laser keyboard it is not for typical typing keyboard but this is more of a show up tech gadgets for me. The battery last quite a while, it is easy to use, small and handy.


This is $31.88 at Amazon free shipping for Prime.


First off this M4 Wifi/Bluetooth speaker delivers exceptional sound quality, this speaker has deep bass when bass boost is enabled and you would think that you are listening to a big or a studio type speaker. This has balanced mid and high and works great for most Genre music.

Demo link

The speaker is well made and has nice retro look and the case is nicely wrapped with premium quality leather which has smooth feel to it and speakers are mounted on the case with speaker grill. It comes with speaker leather handle that has two holes for adjustment and it is very handy when carrying this speaker around. Top of the speaker has simple control buttons such as the Power ON/OFF, mode, Bass boost, Volume up and down. Toggling the Mode button switches between Bluetooth, AUX and Wifi mode and this speaker is very simple and easy to use.

Bluetooth pairing is easy and has good connection range up to 30 ft, the Wifi feature reminds me of Sonos speakers which you can link multiple M4 speakers and allows you to set it Left and Right speaker for stereo or surround sound which is definitely a cool feature. This feature can only be done through the companion App called “GGMM Music” this app is very simple and easy navigate. It also has DNLA support which you can play music via the app itself. The App is available for both iOS and Android device.

Playing my favorite music on this speaker is pleasing and it is loud with no distortion and this can fill a medium size room.
I have tested couple of speakers and on the $200 price range this is actually competes and in my opinion it is very reasonable considering the quality of drivers it has and all other features.

Overall, I love this speaker and it exceeds my expectations and I am very happy with this speaker. I don’t have to bring my 12” powered speaker on a small family gathering and this speaker would be enough and more convenient because of its portability and with its built in speaker you don’t need to be tethered to the power adapter/charger for at least 8 Hours. It also gives compliment to my vintage turntable and they are perfect match.
You won’t definitely go wrong with this speaker and if you are going to spend on a good speaker in this $200 price range then you may consider getting one. For collectors then I don’t think the price matters.

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