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The Anker SoundBuds lite Bluetooth headset is a great work out headphone solution for me. I have used different kinds of Bluetooth headphones and this one is one of my favorite.

What I like about this headphones:

It is lightweight and with its neck band style it has sleek design and I can take it for a run and walk with no issues and very comfortable. This earphones back are magnetic which is a plus and when not in use they stick together and looks neat.

Easy to use, pairing is simple and easy and if you used any Bluetooth headphones then this would not be new.

Long life battery and battery last up to 12 hours in a single charged which is better than the other Bluetooth headphones that I owned.

Last but not least, this headphones delivers great sound quality and this is a high fidelity type of headphones which is good for different types of Genre and has some feel of bass too.


  • Comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Control music playback on your smartphone
  • Clear audio on voice calls
  • Water resistant
  • Intuitive


  • none

To top it all, Anker Soundbuds lite delivers great sound quality for its price. It is flexible, pretty well made headphones and it is water resistant. It is perfect for indoor/outdoor headphones and if you sweat no problem because this is water resistant. It is comfortable, lightweight and comes with spare earbuds to fit for most users. The price is reasonable and I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

You can buy this through and free shipping for Prime



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I just got this Fifine 4 input compact audio/sound mixer for my projects and I am pleased with the quality and how it was well constructed. The case is made of metal just like the other professional channel mixer and it has feel of a weight to it. It is plug and play easy to use with no driver is required and works on both Mac and PC and this does not require any power supply because it is USB powered which is convenient. The mixer supports 4 channel and it allows both XLR and 3.5 mm jacks so it flexible in case you don’t have the right jack for the input device no matter if it is a mic or musical instrument. For what I intended this to use for it works great and I am satisfied with the audio quality.

With its built in 3 band equalizer I could be able to do the sound adjustment for better toning and also this has built in sound card which I could connect it directly to my powered speakers.

Here are the pros.

  • Compact and easy to use. Simply plug and play.
  • Great sound quality and full control with the input volume.
  • Built in sound card and 3 band EQ.
  • Built in +48V phantom power for studio condenser mics which is a big plus. Usually the phantom power supply runs around $20 bucks so with this you don’t have to get one if you have a condenser mic.
  • USB powered. No need for DC power adapter.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Great value

I don’t have any cons for this USB mixer.

File Nov 03, 4 34 14 PM.jpeg


Overall, this USB mixer did works great and I can easily control and mix sounds from my different music instruments and I would say this is a great solution for podcasting or any sort of sound recording for a small studio. I think the price is reasonable for its features. I would rate this 5 out of 5  stars.

The price is $69.99 at Amazon with Free shipping.



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Me and my wife was having a dry nose and sometimes nasal congestion and I had 2 humidifier at home and it uses traditional filters and spend more money on buying filters which eventually I gave up and no longer used them. I was offered this Cool mist humidifier by TaoTronics in exchange to my fair and honest review. When I received it and tested it and this changes everything. You can actually tell the difference using a regular humidifier and a mist humidifier not only you can see the mist but the effect of it.

This came on a great packaging and easy to unbox. It has two styro foam to support the top and bottom part of the humidifier. It came with double boxes secure the product from damaging on the shipping. Sun ValleyTek/Taotronics did a great job on this.

@What’s included in the box:
Humidifier consist of the water tank and the base.
1x small cleaning brush
User’s guide

@What I do like:

>The size is just right.
>Nice design and very easy to put on
>It has water level protection.
>Easy to maintain and no more buying of filters. You just need to clean the filter.
>Very quiet
>360 degree rotatable nozzle which is a space saver instead rotating the whole humidifier.
>The built in night light is very handy.
>Built in timer which comes handy since this Humidifier can only be use at max of 15 hours.
>3 level of mist adjustment(Low-Mid-High).

@I have nothing not to like.
Can’t ask for anything on this great and awesome mist humidifier.


This humidifier provides a good sleep to me and no more dry throat and nose when waking up.
With the 360 adjustable nozzle came very handy since I have this humidifier right next to bed and I can easily move the nozzle to a different position if I needed to. No cost maintenance just need to clean it and as well the filter. Easy to change settings with the touch of the buttons and display status of the current settings is a plus. Night mode or sleeping mode has nice blue LED lights that makes look cooler. Since the humidifier is right next to my bed and when I set the mist level to 3 I love when the mist lands to my face I feel refreshed and relaxed. This is very quiet and you will never know that it is working when turned ON.
I would definitely recommend this to every one and this is a must have humidifier. After so long of researching and shopping for new humidifier the search is over. I’m glad I got this humidifier and loved it!.

I hope this review helps you to decide to pull the trigger and get this very nice, efficient and convenient to use Cool mist Humidifier by TaoTronics.

Available at for $69.99 & FREE Shipping

Updated version

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Here are the key features of this Power Bank:

>>15000 mAh high capacity battery to quench the thirst of your smartphone and tablets battery.

>> It can charge two devices simultaneously with max output of 4.5 A

>> 2 Smart ports that automatically detects charging current and maximize the charging speed.

>> Built in short circuit and over charge protection. Automatically shuts off when the device is fully charged.

>> Built in battery status LED which is a cool feature of this power bank. You can see how much battery left on this power bank.

>> Built in LED indicator light that turns into a emergency flash light. This is a cool feature and that flash light is very useful when you are charging your devices in dark so you can see the USB connection ports.

Some reviewers already covers the specs of this power bank so I will skip those and give you my Pros and Cons summary.


Portable and has high capacity and efficient battery.
It can charge two devices at the same time and since it has 2.4A and a 2.1A fast charging ports your device would take an hour and a half depending on how much battery left on the device. These ports are smart it can detect the power required on the device and will automatically shuts off when fully charge.

This power bank is well built and when you hold it and feels solidness of the hardware.
I actually dropped this twice on a wooden floor and did not fell apart and in fact still works. It is durable based on my testing.

This would provide extra juice on your devices on the go.

Comes with:
– 2 USB to Micro USB cables -I love the USB cable from RAV power it is a flat type USB cable which is easy to fold not like the traditional USB cable.
– 2 Connectors (iphone/micro)
– 1 User Guide
– 1 Travel pouch

Easy to use just plug and play device.


It takes time to charge about 7-8 hours fully charge depending on the charger you are using.
This is not really a big deal.

I would definitely recommend this portable power bank and it is a must have external battery power bank and great for travel.

If you are one of the people that will travel to Mars on future space exploration definitely take this external battery packs with you and this will give your space capsule enough power to fly back to Earth.

MSRP is $36.99 Free shipping at