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I just got this Fifine 4 input compact audio/sound mixer for my projects and I am pleased with the quality and how it was well constructed. The case is made of metal just like the other professional channel mixer and it has feel of a weight to it. It is plug and play easy to use with no driver is required and works on both Mac and PC and this does not require any power supply because it is USB powered which is convenient. The mixer supports 4 channel and it allows both XLR and 3.5 mm jacks so it flexible in case you don’t have the right jack for the input device no matter if it is a mic or musical instrument. For what I intended this to use for it works great and I am satisfied with the audio quality.

With its built in 3 band equalizer I could be able to do the sound adjustment for better toning and also this has built in sound card which I could connect it directly to my powered speakers.

Here are the pros.

  • Compact and easy to use. Simply plug and play.
  • Great sound quality and full control with the input volume.
  • Built in sound card and 3 band EQ.
  • Built in +48V phantom power for studio condenser mics which is a big plus. Usually the phantom power supply runs around $20 bucks so with this you don’t have to get one if you have a condenser mic.
  • USB powered. No need for DC power adapter.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Great value

I don’t have any cons for this USB mixer.

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Overall, this USB mixer did works great and I can easily control and mix sounds from my different music instruments and I would say this is a great solution for podcasting or any sort of sound recording for a small studio. I think the price is reasonable for its features. I would rate this 5 out of 5  stars.

The price is $69.99 at Amazon with Free shipping.




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Get the best of all words with the handy little RavPower File Hub. Imagine being share your music,videos, photo and files from a micro SD card, any external hard drive or USB flash drive to any smartphones and tablet devices any places and anytime.

But wait, this RP-WD01 is not just a regular file hub for streaming media. If you  are frequent traveler you can take this little monster with you on the road. It works great for travel/access point, so you can get instant wireless from any hotel or conference room where are network already exist. But wait there’s more things this little monster can do. If your smart phone or tablet gone out of juice you can use this to charge it and this battery equip with 6000mAh which is unbelievable for its size. Just so you know that this can at least 2 full charge to the battery life of most mobile phones. This little monster has NAS and DLNA support for third party applications such as MirageDLNA and BubbleUPNP for Android and For NAS it supports Good Player for IOS.

Here are the important key features:
5 in 1 complete wireless solution
Wireless Router: instantly convert wired network into Wi-Fi (AP/Router/Bridge)
Attached Micro SD card /USB storage for data sharing
Available Android and iOS app
Built in 6000 mAh backup battery to charge your mobile devices
Light and portable and travel friendly

I frequently travels and I no longer transfer my movies on my iPad instead I bring this portable file hub and connect my portable external HDD and be able to stream movies, music from my portable HDD.

This was my second portable AIO(All-In-One) portable solution. I have the RP-WD01 and it is a great portable 5 in one file hub which I have reviewed as well.

This is easy to set up and easy to use. It will make your life easier with this little All in one file hub wireless solution.

Here are the key differences between RP-WD01 and RP-WD02 to make it easy for you to compare these two products.

RP-WD01- Access point only.
RP-WD01-is bigger and has product dimension of 4.6 x 0.6 x 3.1 inches 4.2 ounces (light)
RP-WD01- has 3000 mAh

P-WD02  AP and it converts wired ethernet connection to Wireless AP.
RP-WD02 – is significantly smaller 2.9 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches ; 5.6 ounces (slightly heavier)
RP-WD02 -has 6000 mAh -more juice to power up your mobile devices or tablet.

After testing both devices my winner is the RP-WD02. It has more functionality compare to RP-WD01 and of course the built in battery is 6000 mAh which has more power vs the RP WD01.
Design is much appealing.

There is no virtual battery meter on the App which is very helpful to see how much battery level remaining instead of relying on 1 battery LED indicator light. I surely would still give 5 star on this portable wireless solution file hub/wifi router.


MSRP $54.99 & FREE Shipping at